About Us

Who are the Collective?

The Collective are a group of experienced finance and industry professionals who collaborate on personal investments. We have been discussing investment opportunities and investing for years and have extensive experience in markets, corporate finance and industry.

We have decided to share such ideas and launch this forum partially for enjoyment but also to expand our network with like minded people.

Some Principles

  • We are looking for public equity investments with significant upside and where there is significant asymmetry in terms of valuation support on the downside but upside potential of 100% or more.
  • We are not afraid of illiquid situations – quite the opposite. We believe many illiquid shares are not properly covered by research houses or institutional investors and have been left behind by the move into ETFs and indexation.
  • Where we see very obvious stand out opportunities in large caps we will comment, but typically we are looking for 50% return potential to write on a large cap.
  • We want to avoid valuation traps and look for catalysts, deal rationale, management change and director deals.
  • Please view this as the exciting part of your portfolio. It is no mean feat outperforming the market and these ideas should be allocated to wisely in a portion of a balanced portfolio or pension.
  • High return can also come with high risk. The research and blog section of this website is not investment advice. Please speak to a qualified investment adviser before making any investment decisions.