Update: Closing $GME as it approaches $44 price target. What next? $DPP.L, $TCAP.L, $XOP, $HSW.L, $DLE.ID

We are closing our buy recommendation on $GME. We first wrote about $GME on 20th October saying that a squeeze to $44 price target can be justified fundamentally. That has happened violently over the last 2 days trading intraday to $43. It is difficult to tell with the amount of stock trading (multiples of the entire market cap in the last 2 days) how much the short interest has been addressed. We will not speculate at this point. Followers of The Collective have seen a return from $14 to $40+. That’s fine with us. We may revisit at a future point.

What other stocks do we currently see 100% upside in? Please see our write ups on

DPP Poland





All still have 100% upside to our price targets.

Be safe.

The Collective.

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